Studio Policies

International School of Music Bondi Studio Policies


  • A registration fee of $50 per family is applied upon completing registration to secure your spot for the year and covers 2 concerts as well as administrative costs. Your spot in a class is open for other students until registration has been completed.

  • Tuition is spread equally over the course of a year and automatically charged each month in advance. Students are allocated 40 lessons per year (10 each term)- this amount is divided evenly between 12 months of the year. This means that whether there are 5 or 2 lessons in that month, the tuition fee is exactly the same.

  • Cost of materials, extra lessons and registration for exams and competitions are not included and will be charged separately.

  • Should you wish to discontinue you/ your child’s music tuition at ISM Bondi, a minimum of four (4) weeks notice must be given in writing to


  • Material costs will not be refunded if the student discontinues lessons before completing the course

  • Missed lessons are forfeited and will not be refunded or rescheduled unless there is no teacher available to teach the lesson


  • A parent/ guardian is recommended for students 5 and below

  • Siblings may be in the classroom only if necessary with parent/guardian supervision but will not be included in class activities or given instruments/ crayons. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to take the sibling out if they are causing a distraction

  • ISM programs are aurally based and it is important that the students are able to hear and concentrate at all times. Please do not take offense if your teacher asks you to take the sibling out of the class- they are prioritizing the learning of the students in the class.


  • No food and drink is permitted inside the classroom

  • Please do not enter the classroom with dirty hands- wash your hands before entering!


  • Disruptive behavior during classes will not be tolerated and offending students may be asked to leave the school at the discretion of the teacher

  • ISM Bondi reserves the right to forward costs of repair or replacement of any damages to the premises or instruments as a result of negligence by a member of attending families


  • From time to time, photos and/or videos of the children or their work may be taken at lessons or concerts and may be used for promotional purposes. If you would prefer your child not to be involved in any photography please let us know in writing to