Group Courses

Instruments offered

  • Piano/ Keyboard
  • Violin
  • Voice
  • Guitar

Early Childhood Music

For students aged 2-3 years

This age specific program aims to develop all aspects of early music fundamentals for this most receptive age group. It is at this age that we can open the door for children to learn music as a language.

group music lessons for kids bondi

Segments include:

  • Pitch through a structured vocal program of original and known favourites
  • Music with movement and physical response
  • Creativity
  • Gross and fine motor skill exposure
  • Rhythmic response using percussion instruments
  • Correlation of sounds
  • Listening skills through music appreciation
  • Elementary notation and rhythmic reading and writing
  • Social and verbal interaction, discipline, control, concentration, etc.

Pianorama Junior Course

For students aged 4 – 6 years – Grouped in small age appropriate classes.

group piano lessons bondi

In each 45 minute weekly lesson, the students experience the following:

  • Piano tuition – technical development, with solo and ensemble experience
  • Aural (Ear) – to train the musical ear for faster comprehension
  • Singing – pitch and vocal expression through original, contemporary songs
  • Percussion – practical experience of learnt rhythmic patterning
  • Theory – intellectual confirmation of music notation and theoretical elements
  • Music Appreciation – to develop listening skills and through actions understand musical structure
  • Musical Games – Fun activities involving learnt skills

Pianorama Primary Course

For students aged 7 – 12 years – Grouped in small age appropriate classes.

group music class for kids bondi

The course includes:

  • Aural – to develop a musical ear both melodically and rhythmically.
  • Finger Gym – to develop technically.
  • Repertoire – graded pieces covering all musical styles.
  • Harmony – practical understanding of harmonic processes.
  • Ensembles – to enjoy playing different parts as a group.
  • Theory – consolidation theoretically of music and rhythmic notation and additional music elements.
  • Music Appreciation – to analyse popular musical classics.
  • Musical Games – to enjoy testing learnt skills through fun activities.
  • A comprehensive musical education developing not just the technician but also the musician!

Pianorama Intermediate and Extension Courses

For Junior and Primary Course graduates:

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  • Builds and expands on musical and technical skills acquired thus far
  • All musical styles of repertoire explored with an expanded technical development program
  • Composition, improvisation, keyboard harmony and extended theoretical components
  • Option to sit practical or theory examinations (AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity)